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We use advanced computer techniques to combine the vision of designed objects and photorealistic look. Visual imagery provides effective way to communicate between abstract and reality. In addition, through the use of wide-ranging cinematic tricks relying on color, lighting and framing we are able to achieve the best possible results. Creating amazing, believable visualization became my true passion and we are proud to offer high-quality service to our esteemed clients. It usually takes around 3–5 days for 1 rendering scene. 


Below is a basic rundown of the 3d rendering process, including what my clients generally can expect:

To start the work we need:

Architectural drawings (CAD or PDF) preferably including landscape plan

Architectural 3D model if available (Revit, SketchUp, etc)

Materials schedule

Interior design information if required

Location photos if available

Google Maps link for exteriors

Using information you've provided (CAD drawings, photos, references) we build 3D models of all visible objects. Some projects require creation of nearby surroundings to achieve believable look. People, cars and other minor elements will be added on later stages.
To present 3D model I use 'clay renders' usually. They look like white model with basic lighting.
But most often we provide textured previews for revisions and then finalize lighting, materials and environment. Detailed material schedules or samples help me greatly to speed things up.
We also add vegetation and nice small details into the scenes at this stage.

An initial preview rendering will be provided prior to delivery of the final rendering. At this time one round of edits may be submitted. After finishing with scenes setup it's time for final rendering. The final rendering will be delivered via email as a high-resolution PNG or JPG file.

What are the rates?

We work with dynamic companies and individuals, each unique project we complete for them is custom designed to fit their needs. The price to construct a residence varies tremendously, as does the price to render an image. So we need to know some of the details of your project to give you a firmer price quote. Contact us now for your free quote.

Our Team

Liliya Reshaika

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3D Artist

Agata Zimnoch

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3D Visualization Artist

Maryia Reshaika

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3D Visualization Artist

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Viktoryia Ramanchuk

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3D Visualization Artist

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